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Iron Horsemen
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Iron Horsemen | Iron Zulu | Iron Lotus

Steamtree: The Airdrainium Adventures

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Iron Chronicles Trilogy Pack
The Iron Chronicles Trilogy Pack
Includes: 3 Signed Novels, 2 Prints, and 1 Handmade Gear Pin
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Iron Chronicles Trilogy


The Iron Chronicles
A Series of Young Adult Steampunk Adventures 
(treehouse publishing group)


Iron Horsemen
Book I of the Iron Chronicles

in a steam-powered Victorian world where sky pirates prowl the sky and secret societies determine the future like a game of chess, an American, sixteen year old Alexander must save London from the four Iron Horsemen. 

Iron Zulu
Book II of the Iron Chronicles

When a series of murders are blamed on the visiting Zulu delegation, Alexander searches for the truth and becomes embroiled in the baron’s daughter’s dark past as they are captured and taken by armored Milli-train to the hidden city of the sky pirates. 

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Iron Lotus
Book III of the Iron Chronicles

With Genevieve, the baron’s daughter, still missing. Alexander races to the top of the world, and discovers the terrifying machines created by the Golden Circle to enslave the world. The race is on from the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas to the shining capital of the new world.

Released November 22, 2016

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Steamtree: The Airdrainium Adventures 

Anderax Grayvenhorn has spent his whole life traveling to the aircities in his parent’s dirigible, with one dream… to climb a real tree.


When his father, an aircity inspector, is sent to learn why these floating towers are starting to slip through the clouds, Anderax discovers the dark truth of their power source, and is pursued by the soul-stealing Archangels. As tensions rise, he finds the key to saving the aircities and the dragons is not a destiny of war, but to become one of the legendary Peacecrafters.

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with six illustrations in each format
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Doomed Flight of the Majestic: a short story

Opportunity and tragedy are two sides of the same coin. The only question, which one lands face up. Rex Fielder wants to be a big movie director. So, he sold everything he had to get on the maiden voyage of the world’s first luxury airplane, The Majestic. Among the rich and famous passengers, he hopes to find something exciting to film, and prove to a studio he can make a movie. Now he only needs something worthy to film. When the chips are down, sometimes bad luck can be the best luck of all.


“The greatest aviation disaster movie ever made.” – Rex Fielder, director

Available on Amazon - Doomed Flight of the Majestic
The Dragon Slayer: a short story
A tale as old as time... with a twist 

By edict of the King, the noble knight Sir Alric, newly returned from war, is sent into the mountains to rescue his lady-love from the clutches of a foul demon… but the vile dragon refuses to cooperate. 

Available on Amazon - The Dragon Slayer

A Clockwork Heart - A Steampunk Short Story
Obadiah has the most broken heart in all the land. After months of tracking his sorrows, and weeks hard at work in his workshop, he devises a solution – a clockwork heart. Lilly, his assistant, comes every day to care, feed, and clean up after the town’s inventor. Today is a special day, the day he fixes his heart.

Award winning steampunk short story

Available on Amazon - A Clockwork Heart

The Scribe 2016 
A collection of all the articles from the 2016 Scribes, a Literary Magazine from St. Louis Writers Guild 

Find it online or at an SLWG event! 

I created all the covers!
The Scribe 2015
The Scribe is St. Louis Writers Guild's Literary Magazine 
Now you can get every issue from 2015 in a single collection 
Articles, Poetry, and more... I created all the covers! 

$9.99 available to order in print from - The Scribe 2015
St. Louis Reflections 
An anthology by St. Louis Writers Guild to Honor its 90th Anniversary

I have two pieces in the anthology. 

Pick up a copy at a SLWG Event - $9.99