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Alexander's Sketchbook 

The Iron Chronicles 

Alexander's Sketchbook 
Iron Horsemen: book one 

Alexander Armitage doesn't fit in at Eton College. Not only is he an American, his father, the newest professor at school, is obsessed with ancient languages and the dusty old books he makes Alexander study. When his father is kidnapped, Alexander gladly leaves this world behind and finds himself partnered with a baron's daughter, her little bronze dragon, and an eclectic crew of Sky Raiders in a quest to find him. When their search leads them to Malta, they discover a secret society intent on unleashing the four ancient horsemen and destroying the reins of power in London.  


In a steam powered Victorian world where pirates prowl the sky and secret societies determine the future like a game of chess, Alexander must confront the harsh legacy of the divided country he left behind, a new aristocratic world that rejects him, and the overwhelming pressure of being offered to become a Horseman himself.

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Iron Horsemen was released on December 2, 2014! 
treehouse publishing group
Iron Horsemen by Brad R. Cook 
ISBN: 978–0989207951
Released December 2, 2014 from Treehouse Publishing Group 
High Adventure in the Age of Steam and Steel - by brc 
"The vile Knights of the Golden Circle have put out wanted posters for us." - Alexander
"The Sparrowhawk, part blimp and part plane. You just don't want to hear the Captain say - prepare for a broadside!" - Alexander 

"The horseman's favorite tactic is to rear up, and you don't be around when it hits the ground. I'd never faced anything scarier, including dangling a few hundred feet above the ocean." - Alexander 
"The Black Knight is so much fun to drive." - Alexander 


Alexander's sketches were created by illustrator Jennifer Stolzer 

A few pictures I've tucked into the sketchbook! 
all of it really exists 
"Indihar has the coolest weapon, a Katar dagger with pistols on the sides!" - Alexander 
"Four Thieves Potion - created during the plague, but you can read all about that." - Alexander 
"Create your own electromagnet just like I did!" - Alexander 
But get your parents or guardian to help you. 
The Sketchbook for Iron Zulu
Iron Zulu 
Book two of The Iron Chronicles 
Released in November 2015 

Alexander Armitage is back in the thrilling sequel to IRON HORSEMEN. It’s been almost a year since he saved London, and life has returned to the structured days at Eton College, a place he still doesn’t fit in. When a series of murders strike campus, they are blamed on the visiting Zulu delegation. But Alexander has his doubts. In his search for the truth, he finds himself embroiled in the baron’s daughter’s dark past as they are captured and taken by armored Milli-train to the hidden city of the sky pirates. The chase is on, from the cobbled streets of London, to the great deserts and savannas of Africa.


In a steam-powered Victorian world where pirates prowl the sky and secret societies determine the future like a game of chess, Alexander learns the difference between what is savage or noble, while discovering the power within himself.
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Iron Zulu was released on November 24, 2015! 
treehouse publishing group
The Milli-train... nothing is more frightening than a train that doesn't need rails. 
"The Milli-train vs The Black Knight with the Sparrowhawk overhead!" - Alexander 
plus a fitting quote from my namesake Alexander the Great! 
The Sketchbook for Iron Lotus
Iron Lotus
Book III of the Iron Chronicles

Alexander is back in the thrilling conclusion to 

The Iron Chronicles.

Refusing to return to Eton College, Alexander joins the Sky Raiders on the Sparrowhawk as a member of the crew. With the baron’s daughter captured by the vile Colonel Hendrix, Alexander races to the top of the world, and discovers the terrifying machines created by the inner circle to enslave the world. Betrayed by his allies, and aided by a mysterious woman and her clockwork owl, the race is on from the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, to the shining capital of the New World.


In a steam-powered Victorian world where pirates prowl the sky and secret societies determine the future like a game of chess, Alexander learns that it is not gender, race, or age that determines a warriors worth as he is forced to choose between becoming a knight, or a Horsemen. 
"The Dragonship, Eater of Airships." ~ Alexander
"A Battle in the Sky!" ~ Alexander
This is Xena, a Eurasian Eagle Owl. She's with the guy who wrote these adventures... 
Xena is a cousin of Ko'ila, the Himalayan Eagle Owl in Iron Lotus.

Iron Horsemen ART! 
Jennifer Stolzer created a series of illustrations 
for Iron Horsemen. 
They are amazing and I thank her so much! 
She let me post them here, so if you need an exceptional illustrator check out 

Enjoy the adventure! 

Alexander and Rodin 

Genevieve Kensington 
The fearless, sword-wielding daughter of the baron.
Captain Baldarich
Leader of the Sky Raiders, the Sparrowhawk is his airship.
Genevieve, Rodin, and Alexander in front of the Sparrowhawk! 

Are you ready for an adventure?
The SkyRaider Baldarich, Captain of the Sparrowhawk by brc