Brad R. Cook

I see things that never were and say, why not?

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Saturday, Nov 25, 2017
Main Street Books 
in St. Charles! 

Join me for Small Business Saturday, and support an independent bookstore. 

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Iron Horsemen was a finalist for Best Steampunk Novel in the 2014 P&E Readers Poll! 

It tied for 4th! 

Thank you to everyone who supported me, and congratulations to all the other winners. 
Welcome to the roads of my imagination... 
an oak lined, cobblestone road that always leads to adventure
A new series from the author of 
the Iron Chronicles! 

The Airdrainium Adventures 
with Interior Illustrations 

Anderax Grayvenhorn has spent his whole life traveling to the aircities in his parent’s dirigible, with one dream… to climb a real tree.


When his father, an aircity inspector, is sent to learn why these floating towers are starting to slip through the clouds, Anderax discovers the dark truth of their power source, and is pursued by the soul-stealing Archangels. As tensions rise, he finds the key to saving the aircities and the dragons is not a destiny of war, but to become one of the legendary Peacecrafters.

With interior illustrations by Jennifer Stolzer!

A new middle grade for ages 9 and up. 

Print and ebook available Nov 21, 2017 
Order from your favorite bookstore or online.

The Adventure Begins on November 25, 2017!
Join me for the launch party at Main Street Books
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